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This was my first attempt at a Game Jam, and I had a lot of fun. I may have gone a little wide with the idea, but when I heard the theme of the contest was "Obey," it made me think of Soldiers. And from there, I worked the idea until it became a little turn based strategy engine.

The thing about this genre though, is that it doesn't lend itself well to being developed quickly. So I had to think about what that meant. And I decided: I'd make the maps really, really small. Comically small. And I'd make the missions overly-directly and kind of silly. Unfortunately... even then, the time constraint took its toll on me. I only really had time to develop two of the classes that I had in mind (Soldier, and Magician).

Still, I'm kind of happy with how it came out. Don't take it too seriously. Just check it out and grind some levels! There's no real end goal in the game as offered, aside from increasing your stats and putting out bigger numbers. 

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder somewhere, and run the .exe. 


GrindingForLevels.zip 13 MB


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Both my Shauns died. Shauns are the worst lol
I like the idea of a game that's a comical statement about grinding in rpgs. I think you can simplify the gameplay a bit - maybe have less screens in the battle/ strategy part of the game.  And have some arrow and keyboard controls.

But yeh, it was 7 days so setting up all of this with the amazing art is really cool. It's visually sharp and I love the pixel art.

Thanks for try it out, and offering feedback!